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Boingophile's Livejournal

Random Rants and Ramblings

4 August 1979
External Services:
  • boingophile@livejournal.com
The basics:

Full name - Eric William Helms

Eyes - Hazel

Hair - Brown

Height - 6 feet

Birthday - August 4


Color - Black

Season - Autumn

Movie - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Song - "Just Another Day" by Oingo Boingo

Article of clothing - My fedora

Thing about life - How funny it can be


Coke or Pepsi? Dr. Pepper

Fast or slow dances? I can't dance

Kissing or hugging? It depends on my mood

Love of lust? Both, actually

Top or bottom? Top

Day or night? Night

Rain or shine? Rain

Smiling or laughing? I love to laugh

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

Random questions:

Could you be classified as insane? Maybe

Can you tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue? Yes

Do have any "special talents"? Maybe you should ask Marian

Are you obsessed with a person or object? Marian, of course. And I've been described as an obsessive Oingo Boingo fan.

Do the voices talk to you? They're telling me to answer "No"

Should I be jealous? Always

Do you want me to be jealous? It's not my fault I'm awesome

Can you go the distance? More often than not

What are you wearing? Serenity t-shirt, black hoody, sleepy pants, and socks

Color socks you're wearing? Grey

To coffee or not to coffee? Either coffee or chai

Righty or lefty? Righty

Other questions...

When was the last time you really laughed? Yesterday

What are you good at? Oh, so many things...

Whats on your mind? Food

Have you ever lied? Not recently

Biggest fear? Like I'm going to tell you

Best quality in a friend? Loyalty

Do you have a secret that no one knows about? Maybe

If you could do anything without consequences what would you do? Take over the world

Who knows the most about you? Michelle

Sex related

What do you look for in the opposite sex? I lean toward curvy girls

Thing you hate most about them? They can be frustrating, but I tend not to hate anyone that's not a total bitch

Thing you love most about them? Probably the way they smell

Ever been in love? Oh, yes

Do you believe in love at first sight? Yep

Funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of someone of the opposite sex? Randomly take my shirt off in public

Are you horny? What do you think?

What part of the body do you like best? I'm pretty enthusiastic about all of them from time to time

What's your "type"? Curvy, artistic/brainy, with a sense of humor

What is sexy? Self-confidence


I always - Want to know more

I love - Marian

I will never - Say never

I've had days that - I've not spoken to anyone

The last thing I need right now - Your criticism