Abandoned upstairs at work... (part 2)

Finally got a chance to explore this area and take some pictures. I think I got some really good ones. Warning: Lots of pics, but I shrunk them for you.

going up? 2

(I tried to put a cut here, I really did. I consulted three FAQs and did exactly what they described using html. Apologies if it doesn't work)

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Didn't take time to post this yesterday, but... I finally got my California drivers' license. I only missed two questions on the written test, and one of them was because I simply wasn't paying attention. Right now, all I've got is a flimsy little piece of paper, but the real deal should be here "in about 2 weeks".
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I woke up around 6 so I could go to the DMV and get my California drivers license.  Turns out you need your birth certificate to do so, and mine is all the way back in Oklahoma.  So I woke up early and got dressed for no damn good reason whatsoever.  At least I got a solid seven hours of sleep instead of only four hours.  I'm still tired and I have an epic headache, but I'm trying my damndest to stay awake. 

The main reason I'm even bothering with this license BS is because I need it for a job that I'm not even sure I have.  I went in for an interview Tuesday, and I thought it went well, but I haven't gotten the call for the second interview.  I'm torn between calling (which I'm worried will annoy them) and not calling (which will allow me to slip through the cracks).
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